About me

Full stack web developer from New Zealand. I worked on a range of projects: from small media web applications to large-scale web APIs. Have a deep understanding of modern web technologies and backend programming.

I have been developing software commercially for 8 years, primarily using ruby and more recently golang. Comfortable with both languages, standard library and popular 3rd party libraries. Have experience implementing various types of applications: command line tools, POSIX socket clients and servers, web apps, APIs and SPAs, small IoT services for ARM devices.

I’m fluent with modern javascript and frontend frameworks (prefer react), css and webpack. Comfortable using d3.js and have done a lot of work around analytics dashboards.

I a long time Linux/Unix user, my main OS is Gentoo Linux and I have a lot of experience managing linux deployments across various hosting platforms. I’m familiar with Kubernetes deployments, have a good understanding of it’s component, container runtimes and security aspects of running kubernetes deployments.

Always focus on delivering quality, reliable and tested applications.


I primarily focus on these areas:

Employment History

Full Stack Engineer | GitLab

October 2019

I’m currently working at GitLab on security related products for Kubernetes deployments. My team’s primary focus is providing network and host security through GitLab pipelines and Kubernetes integrations.

Remote Full Stack Developer | Self-employed

November 2015 - October 2019

I have been contracting for several years since I moved to a smaller town. I have experience working as a member of a development team and as an independent developer. You can find projects that I worked on in my portfolio.

Software Engineer | QuotaGuard

December 2015 - April 2018

I was a remote Ruby and Golang developer. I had wide range of responsibilities and was able to deliver improvements to various parts of the product.

Full Stack Developer | Carnival Mobile

June 2013 - November 2015

Full stack engineer for a large mobile analytics platform. Some of the things I worked on:

Mobile Application Developer | IPS Pirates

May 2009 - October 2012

Remote mobile developer for a consulting company.


Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Electrical engineering | Kazan State Technical University, Russia. 2002 - 2007

I have Automated Control Engineer diploma. I mainly focused on automated control algorithms, electronics and embedded programming. I have attended several young scientist conferences and published papers in conference proceedings.