Open source code

Some of the contributions I made:

You can check my linux and emacs configs here.

Source code for this website can also be found on github.

This website is hosted at my homelab on a tiny kubernetes cluster. You can check kubernetes config on github.

I occasionally do Leetcode code puzzles. You can check my submissions in this repository.

Personal projects


I self-host a lot of services for myself and file sharing was always an issue. A lot of popular self-hosted solutions are hard to host on a resource constrained server so I ended up implementing solution that would work better for me.

golang react


I learn japanese using flashcards and found that available solutions were either hard to manage or spaced-repetition algorithm didn’t work well for me. This project started as just a benchmark between popular spaced-repetition algorithms but I ended up expanding it with a review interface and simple word database management using org-mode files.

golang javascript


iOS notoriously lacks support for popular open source audio codecs. I have tried various apps but most of those had issues so I decided to implement one myself along with a simple audio engine.

iOS objective-c


I used to learn Japanese kanji but that service had a lackluster mobile support so I ended up implementing iOS app for myself. I had to parse rails forms and work around CSRF due to lack of external APIs.

iOS objective-c