Recording implemented ideas.

Implementing graph components with D3.js

01 Jun 2014

Declarative approach is the most common way for constructing graphs with D3.js. However, by leveraging features of the Ember.js this approach can be improved in several areas, such as testing, code structure and rendering speed.

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Implementing date picker component with Moment.js

26 May 2014

There are numerous examples of the date pickers in the internet, but you can find that some of them are really hard to use with Ember.js. Hopefully, it's not hard to roll your own date picker in form of component with proper bindings just using the Moment.js library.

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Vim for iOS developers

11 Nov 2013

Vim is a really popular editor for scripting languages, but it can be hard to integrate it with compiled languages like Objective-C. In this article I will describe my Vim workflow for iOS development.

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My first Elixir code in production

06 Nov 2013

Programming language with unique features is a powerful tool in right hands. It is really interesting how efficiently you can solve some tasks if you aware of such features. Recently I learned some features of Elixir and how they can be helpful for different tasks.

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Integrating Multiple Ruby Web Applications

04 Nov 2013

Using multiple Ruby application stacks in production environment can be useful. Following simple steps will introduce one possible approach to do that.

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Live streaming with Rails application

03 Nov 2013

Data streaming is a very useful content delivery strategy for some web applications. While live streaming was possible in Rails applications for quite a while, in most cases integrating such strategy into existing stack can be a trial task.

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