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Kubernetes security for application developers

Kubernetes brought a lot of innovation into the application development and operations, these changes have effects on application and infrastructure security. It might be hard to reason about kubernetes security since this problem have to be addressed on multiple layers. In this post I will provide overview and references to the available security tools and procedures from the application developer perspective. As mentioned in the official documentation it might be easier to reason about application security on kubernetes by separating this problem into multiple layers:

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Homelabbing with Kubernetes

Homelabbing is an interesting way to learn more about DevOps and get into self-hosting. Kubernetes has brought a lot of changes into application deployment but learning curve makes it a bit harder to get into. In this post I will overview k8s deployment options and benefits for homelabs. I have been homelabbing and self-hosting for a few years. I started with a single RPI running behind PfSense firewall hosting my personal website.

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Arthur is, by far, the best freelance software engineer I've ever worked with. He's smart, talented, curious to learn new things, honest, and 100% reliable. He cares about the quality of his work and he works efficiently, always willing to discuss different potential directions or potential roadblocks. In short, he's everything you'd want in a freelance software engineer.

Sabrina, Valued, USA

Arthur always came through with the goods. When asked to think outside the box, Arthur came back to complex issues with simple solutions. Great experience.

Daniel, Tinybet, Australia

I really enjoyed working with Arthur. He has a kind and attentive approach to working with people as a team, and has brought considerable value to the project way past expectations. He takes care in his work, and even points out areas for improvement or extra consideration. Very talented and curious to learn new things, I wish him all the best for his future work.

Marianne, Knowlabel, UK

Arthur's skill set is phenomenal. Paired with excellent communication and a desire to fulfil the project to the highest standard makes him an extremely desirable developer. Looking forward to further collaboration in the near future.

Sam, Spinifex, New Zealand

Arthur stepped into a new technical environment and ramped up quickly, completely taking over our requested requirements and bringing a care and quality of work rarely seen. He offered suggestions on how to improve our product, quickly handled customer service requests, and began to become an integral part of our solution from day one. He has excellent communication skills and can work successfully with the varying time zones of both his clients, customers, and vendors. I highly recommend Arthur and his work product.

Michael, QuotaGuard, USA

Arthur is an amazing iOS developer on Front- and Backend. Highly recommended!

Kees, Biddy, Netherlands